Saturday, January 28th, 2023

Warm and dry conditions expected across most of Australia for 26 January | Australia weather

Workers in Australia taking 26 January off as a holiday will be met with warm and dry conditions in most capital cities across the country.

Sydneysiders can expect a high of 31C and partly cloudy skies, while Melbourne will experience a maximum of 22C, also with partly cloudy skies, according to the Bureau of Meteorology .

Brisbane is set to have sunny weather and a maximum of 33C, while Perth will also be sunny with a high of 32C. Canberra is forecast to be partly cloudy with a high of 32C.

Adelaide is expected to see cloud clearing for a sunny day at 28C. Hobart will be cooler; a 20C maximum and cloudy skies.

Darwin is forecast to reach a high of 32C, but with showers and a possible storm.

The BoM has forecast that Thursday will be cooler in Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia, but will heat up in central and south-eastern parts of Australia on Friday before a cold front brings showers and storms on the weekend.

Queensland is also forecast to have showers and the chance of severe thunderstorms in the next few days, and a severe thunderstorm warning was issued on Wednesday night for the northern parts of the northern rivers in New South Wales. The BoM warned that a large storm was headed to Casino with hail and damaging winds possible.

Although 26 January is a public holiday, a growing number of employers are allowing staff to choose to work if they don’t wish to observe Australia Day.

Public servants will be allowed to work on 26 January, and a number of large employers are also giving staff flexibility in choosing to mark the holiday or substitute it for another day off.

Indigenous communities and allies will mark Invasion Day, or Survival Day, with marches, smoking ceremonies and gatherings.

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