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Do not forget that nice scene at the end of “Grease” (the primary one) by which Coach Calhoun (Sid Caesar) bought a pie in the face? Within the film, the pie booth was raising cash for the trainer’s fund. It’s a traditional idea: Embarrass or in any other case tease a teacher, community chief or boss for an amazing cause. The pie throwing idea can get actually messy, although, so lose the gooey filling in favor of a wet sponge. The reverberating smack when it hits will do the trick, and cleanup can be a breeze.

Nicely-identified for her love of horses, she took President Ronald Reagan horseback riding in Windsor during a state go to in 1982. A year later he took her for chile rellenos while visiting his California ranch. She also appeared to share a close relationship with the man who took over after Reagan — President George H. W. Bush. Throughout a state visit in 1991, site;, she rolled up her sleeves to plant a tree with him on the grounds of the White Home. The journey also saw the pair take in a baseball game — her first — between the Baltimore Orioles and the Oakland A’s. Both Reagan and Bush had been later given honorary knighthoods.

Most cruise lines supply add-on airfare from major gateway cities. You might or might not be able to beat their charges (check a few of the low-price airfare Websites). It’s not vital that you just journey on the same flights with different passengers, but there’s one good reason to do so, especially if you’re touring great distances: cruise traces know which flights comprise their passengers and so they’re extra probably to carry the ship for a late flight for a gaggle of their visitors. Should you journey independently, they don’t essentially know your arrangements and you’re on your own so far as making it to the ship on time. (If you’re late, there are often methods to catch up together with your ship in the next port, but they’re expensive and disruptive and you do not need to strive them out!)

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