Sunday, August 14th, 2022

Australia Covid news live: NSW reports record 21,151 cases; Victoria records 5,919 cases; SA refuses new close contact definition | Australia news

It doesn’t matter to us whether they’re free, subsidised or other some other thing.

What we as an industry have been more concerned about is having a clear role for rapid testing in managing infections, in keeping the economy going and in keeping people safe.

In a sense I don’t think we really care if they are free or not in terms of supply of the tests, as long as there is a clear position from governments on the role of the tests. The industry doesn’t have a position because we sell to the government for market price and we don’t care if they are free or not.

I am on the record saying that if they were free it would improve access and equity in testing and access to tests. But that isn’t a point about market supply.

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