Why Do Horses Bite Other Horses

Horses are naturally social animals, but they can also be territorial and aggressive. This can lead to biting, either as a form of dominance or defense, or simply out of frustration or boredom. Understanding why horses bite helps owners take steps to prevent it from happening.

Vitamin C Dracula 2000

2000 marked the year of a new trend – Vitamin C Dracula. This millennial phenomenon saw people stocking up on the tangy citrus drink in order to fend off potential vampires. #vampireprotection

Why Can’t it Be Over Chase Wright

Despite the passage of time, the question still remains: why can’t it be over for Chase Wright? After all, it was a difficult situation that began and now, years later, has yet to find a resolution. How long will it take until those affected can move on?

When is Jin Bts Birthday

Jin of K-pop sensation BTS celebrates his birthday on December 4th. Every year fans around the world come together to honor this day and thank him for the joy he has brought into their lives. How will you celebrate Jin’s special day this year?